Rosé wines never go out of fashion

We always talk about reds and whites, but what about rosé wines? Rosés are wonderful to pair with a delicious seafood dish, a tasty pasta dish or to have a drink on a summer night.

How is rosé wine made?

It’s not widely known how a rosé wine is made. There is, however, more than one way to do it:

Our method is known as “bleeding”, and involves a short maceration process. The grapes are stacked in a tank, allowing the must to decant by gravity rather than through pressing. Pigments from the skins stain the wine pink, and when the maceration period is over, the tank is “bled”. At this point it gets separated from the skins and fermentation begins in a separate tank.

Which rosé wines do we recommend?

At Punctum we have Finca Fabián Rosé, an organic wine, and Dominio de Punctum Rosé, which in addition to being organic, is also biodynamic. Both are vegan, as are all our wines.

Finca Fabián Rosado

It is a young, organic and vegan rosé wine, with a bright raspberry pink colour and a bouquet reminiscent of red cherries. It is rich and fresh on the palate, showing a fruitful flavour with light hints of citrus.

We recommend serving this wine at 8ºC marinated with a fresh avocado and shrimp salad, finger-licking good!

Dominio de Punctum Rosado

It is a young rosé wine. Organic, vegan and biodynamic. It has a pale salmon pink colour. It has pleasant aromas of strawberry, freshly cut watermelon and roses. The palate is fresh, with balanced acidity and hints of citrus.

We recommend serving this wine at 8ºC marinated with sushi or black rice with cuttlefish.

Have you ever dared to pair a rosé with dessert? They are a really nice option, since the freshness and acidity of rosé emphasizes the contrasts with the sweetness of the dessert.

Which one do you prefer?

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