Organic wine: how is it made?

In order to talk about organic wine, we must first talk about organic farming. This is a traditional method that consists of working the land and working in the winery as it had been done for centuries before the introduction of chemicals in the agricultural and food industry.

Our wines are chemical-free and we are certified as an organic winery, which means that we take care of our vineyards and the environment at the same time. How?

  • We use green manure to cultivate our vines in order to grow strong vines, and to increase the micro-organisms in the vineyard.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers are forbidden in our vineyard.
  • Natural resources are very important, so we installed a small purification system to be able to reuse waste and rainwater in our vineyard.

These organic practices mean that we produce grapes and wines of the best possible quality reflecting the terroir. But…

What exactly does it mean to produce an organic wine?

Organic wine production is an approach in which viticulture is practised with a respectful attitude towards the environment. An organically grown grape can produce a better quality wine. How is this possible? When grapes are grown in an organic vineyard, it means that the natural balance of the land is respected. And that often means that the grapes have to work harder to grow. This sometimes results in smaller and more concentrated grapes, which in turn results in more intense wines. Farmers’ work has to be more precise, and grape production and winery work has to be more careful.

So what makes the wine organic? We can tell you with certainty that grapes are harvested organically, but the real reason for its quality is that we have worked to find the best vineyards, which are well located in our terroir and farmed with a genuine concern for quality and respect for the environment. The agricultural and wine industry is changing, and consumers are demanding greater transparency and accountability from wine producers. Organic wine production is a response to these demands and a way of making wine that more and more winemakers are finding attractive.

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