Orange wine: 5 facts to persuade you into trying it

Have you ever tried orange wine? If you still don’t know this style of wine production, here are 5 facts about orange wine and why you should give it a try.

1. It’s not a fad or something new

The technique for making orange wine dates back thousands of years and originated in the Caucasus region. At that time, this wine was prepared in clay or terracotta amphorae. It is currently experiencing a renewed interest, thanks to the growing popularity of natural practices in the vineyard.

2. It has nothing to do with oranges

Oranges are not part of the production, it only receives this name because of the colour of the wine. This is mainly due to the fact that orange wine is actually a white wine made as if it were a red wine.


3. The orange colour comes from grape skins

The must is left to macerate with the skins for a period of time that usually varies depending on the producer. Depending on how much or how little this contact is maintained, the tone of the wine will vary between different ranges of golden yellow and orange.

4. It has aromas and flavours that differentiate it from traditional white wine

Despite being made from white grape varieties, orange wine is distinguished by having much more accentuated aromas and flavours. In particular, one of the main aspects of orange wine is its light tannin content, usually associated only with rosés and reds.

5. It’s very versatile when it comes to pairing

Having some tannin, orange wine becomes an excellent choice for pairing with different dishes. A good choice would be dishes with curry, sushi or any type of cheese, as they combine perfectly with this type of wine.

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