How to pair chocolate and wine

If there is something we like almost as much as wine, it’s chocolate. And since September 13th is International Chocolate Day, we at Punctum have gathered our favourite wines to pair with different types of chocolate to suit all tastes. Are you up for it?

Did you know…?

International Chocolate Day falls on the birthday of author Roald Dahl, writer of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Dominio de Punctum Chardonnay Selección + White chocolate

Unlike other types of chocolate, white chocolate is made with butter but without cocoa solids. Its flavour and texture come mainly from butter, one of its main ingredients. This type of chocolate will always have a sweet taste, without any bitter note as other chocolates might have.

For pairing, we have chosen our Dominio de Punctum Chardonnay Selección, a fresh wine with tropical fruit flavors that marry perfectly with the sweet profile of white chocolate.

Viento Aliseo Viognier + Milk Chocolate

The key to successfully pairing chocolate with wine is to ensure that the sugar level of the wine is not higher than that of the chocolate. For milk chocolate, which has less bitter notes than dark chocolate, we can choose a white wine with fruitful flavors.

Our choice is Viento Aliseo Viognier, a wine with a soft mouthfeel and balanced acidity, organic and biodynamic.

Viento Aliseo Graciano Cabernet Sauvignon + Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates, especially those with higher percentages, need wines with the appropriate flavor and texture. In this case, varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon can be a great choice, although we must pay attention to the flavours and body of the wine.

We have selected the Viento Aliseo Graciano Cabernet Sauvignon, an organic, vegan and biodynamic aged red wine. Its palate shows aromas of spices, vanilla and dried fruits. Its soft tannins allow it to pair perfectly with dark chocolate without being too bitter.

Bonus: Dulce Venganza + Chocolate-based desserts

On the other hand, if you want to celebrate the day and treat yourself to chocolate cake, brownies, cookies… or any dessert that contains chocolate, there is no better option than a sweet wine.

Os recomendamos Dulce Venganza, un 100% Chardonnay de cosecha tardía. Un vino dulce ecológico, vegano y biodinámico, con entrada densa y golosa en boca, paso muy suave y de gran untuosidad. Perfecto para acompañar un postre de chocolate.

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