How to identify vegan wines

It seems a relatively easy question to answer, but in order to know if a wine is vegan we have to look not only at what exactly veganism is, but also at the whole process of creating the wine, and whether this lifestyle is respected during the process.

What is veganism?

It’s a lifestyle that seeks to exclude animal exploitation. Veganism is the abstention from using products and services of animal origin, be it for food, clothing, cosmetics or any other purpose.

It is a common mistake to assume that all wine is vegan, since it is made from grapes. However, many wines are not suitable for a vegan diet, as it excludes any product that contains elements of animal origin.

On wine clarification

Fining, simply put, is a procedure that, through the incorporation of various substances, allows wine to be cleaned and stabilized. Traditionally, this process has involved the use of elements such as proteins, egg whites or other animal products. This is why, in such cases, the resulting wines cannot be considered suitable for vegans.

Vegan alternatives

At Punctum, 100% of our wines are vegan and certified by the European Vegetarian Union. During our winemaking process we do not use any fining agents of animal origin, in our case, we use proteins of vegetable origin, such as pea protein.

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