Halloween pairing: 5 wines for 5 movies

This Saturday is Halloween night, and what better occasion to enjoy a movie and a good glass of wine to accompany it. From Punctum we would love to present you five different options of red wine, with their corresponding five movies to spend a chillingly delicious night. We have ranked our options from lower to higher level of terror, for those not so fond of getting a good scare.

A Quiet Place

We start at the more tolerable level of the scale with “A Quiet Place” (2018), a horror/sci-fi film in recounting the story of the Abbott family, survivors of the invasion of strange creatures with an extraordinary sense of hearing, who have decimated the world’s population.

We suggest pairing it with our Finca Fabián Tempranillo, a young red wine with pleasant aromatic intensity and floral notes. Just remember to sip carefully, so that the creatures don’t hear you.

The Shining

All work and no wine makes Jack a dull boy! A cinema classic, “The Shining” (1980) is based on a novel by prolific writer Stephen King, and directed by acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick. The film tells the story of Jack Torrance and his family, locked up and isolated during the winter months at the famous Overlook Hotel.

You can enjoy this movie with our Dominio de Punctum Cabernet Sauvignon, a 100% organic and vegan young red wine, with aromas of red fruits and a light hint of chocolate, as well as delicious flavors of cherry, blackberry and berries with a touch of nutmeg.


We continue with the classics with “Halloween” (1978), the first installment of the slasher saga about the murders of Michael Myers. Directed by John Carpenter, the saga has come to have eleven films, although we recommend the first one, or if you have already seen it, the most recent installment of 2018.

You can enjoy this famous cult tape with Dominio de Punctum Tempranillo Petit Verdot, a young organic, vegan and biodynamic red wine, with soft tannins and a long finish.


And of course, we cannot leave out a Spanish film suggestion: “REC” (2007), one of our most internationally recognized horror films. Filmed as a mockumentary, it follows two journalists who become involved in the outbreak of a dangerous virus in the city of Barcelona.

Viento Aliseo Graciano Cabernet Sauvignon could be a great match for this movie. This is an aged red, with aromas of spice, vanilla and dried fruit. Well structured and harmonious, with soft tannins.


And finally, for the bravest with an iron stomach, we have “Hereditary” (2018). Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, this psychological horror film tells the disturbing tale of a family haunted by a supernatural entity after the death of the grandmother.

This Vaivén Tempranillo Crianza, an aged red wine with aromas of spices and coffee, is our proposal to accompany this film. It is 100% organic, vegan and biodynamic.

Happy Halloween!

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