Chardonnay 101: the basic characteristics you need to know

At Punctum we love Chardonnay. That is why we want to dedicate this space to it, to let you know its most basic characteristics and why we like it so much.


Despite its origins in Burgundy, in eastern France, Chardonnay is one of the most popular grapes in the world. It is estimated that there are around 160,000 hectares of Chardonnay around the world, all thanks to the great adaptability of the grape, reflecting the terroir from which it originates in its aromas and flavours, as well as its vinification method.


Due to the high diversity of the grape, a Chardonnay wine can offer different profiles. It usually presents a straw yellow tone, with greenish reflections. Depending on the climate, its flavours can vary from green plum, apple and pear, with notable acidity (in cold climates), more citrus flavours, with melon and peach (warm climates) or even fig and tropical fruits (in very warm climates).


There is a wide range of dishes to pair Chardonnay with, although in our point of view fish never fails, especially meaty fish such as halibut or cod. Mollusks or shellfish are also a good option.

Remember to serve your Chardonnay at 8ºC for maximum enjoyment.

Our suggestion

If after all this reading you are eager to try some Chardonnay, we totally understand. That’s why we suggest four different options to enjoy this popular grape:

  • Finca Fabián: A young Chardonnay, with aromas of exotic fruits, such as pineapple. Full flavoured, fresh, with good acidity on the palate.
  • Dominio de Punctum: A Chardonnay Selección, with citrus and pineapple aromas on the nose. It is a full-bodied, fresh wine with tropical fruit flavours.
  • 20.000 Leguas: For those who enjoy something different, we have this orange wine made with Chardonnay grapes and fermented with its skins. 20,000 Leguas is a harmonious wine with velvety tannins and good acidity.
  • Dulce Venganza: this is the perfect choice of Chardonnay for dessert, with its late harvest grapes being the key to its delicious sweetness.

Which one would you choose?

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